2-Pack: LetsFit White Noise Machines with 30 Sounds

  • A lot of us need a little noise to fall asleep
  • These little guys provide just that: a little noise
  • You got your white noises, your nature noises, your nursery songs
  • Also great for calming sounds while you work
  • Model: 5L33P-T16HT
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Nice Noise

Some require absolute silence to sleep. Others need a little noise. And if you fit into this latter category, and you’re getting a little tired of how cold it feels to run a fan through January, then may we recommend these Letsfit Sleep Sound Machines!

With 30 sleep sounds to choose from, and 6 colors of ambient light, they’re the perfect products to help you catch some sweet sweet Z’s!

Now, a lot of you are probably thinking, 30 sleep sounds?! All I need is some white noise! Which is totally fair. But we say, why not branch out? After all, there are so many other great noises out there! For example:

Green noise: Green noise is white noise that has been constructed entirely out of plant-based proteins for maximum sustainability.

Yellow noise: Yellow noise is white noise made by a sound machine that’s dehydrated.

Blue noise: Blue noise is what happens when white noise is produced by a down-on-his-luck chemistry teacher just trying to make ends meet for his family.

Gray noise: Gray noise is what you get when you try to listen to some blue noise with your sound machine set to grayscale mode.

Tie-dye noise: Tie-dye noise is when you play all the other noises at once. It’s fucking crazy, dude! An absolute trip!

Are these some of the 30 sleep sounds featured on these things? Absolutely not. Except the white noise. Otherwise, you can choose nature sounds, nursery songs, and more.

So buy yourself a 2-pack and sleep a little better!

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