1 Case (12 Bottles) of WFH (Wine For Home) Red Blend

  • A bouquet of cherries on the nose
  • A palate replete with blueberries, plums, and dark fruits
  • Less than $8 a bottle for some real nice wine
  • Cellared and bottled by Broken Earth Winery in Paso Robles, California
  • Model: WH4T5-W1N3-15-Y0UR5
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A Wine For The Times

It’s five o’clock somewhere, we used to say, as we prepared ourselves for some early-in-the-afternoon shenanigans, like cracking a beer at a Friday happy hour with our coworkers or popping open a bottle of wine while enjoying brunch with our friends on a Sunday.

Now we say: It’s five o’clock somewhere. Is it here? Or is it eleven in the morning? And what day is it? And why is it so hot out? Wait, seriously? it’s August? Like, the month that comes before September? Was there some sort of calendar consolidation that took place? Some unspoken edict that rendered March two-hundred days long and then squeezed all of April through July into a single week? Also, when’s the last time I bathed?

And so, feeling disoriented for the past few months, many of us have adhered to a below-the-belt dress code that might be called “the perpetual Sunday.” I.e. while we’ve been getting dressed and making our upper-half presentable for Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting, our legs remain sheathed in the fuzzy cocoon of pajama pants.

Which makes sense, and not just because they’re soft and comfy. Think about it. Pajama pants are not usually cut any specific way. They are two billowing cylinders of fleece or flannel that hide any sense of the wearer’s leg musculature. And so, you might say that the universe has, as of late, donned a pair of pajama pants, subsuming the usual jagged edges of things like “workdays” and “weekends.”

What we’re getting at is: if we’re wearing pajama pants, and the universe is wearing pajama pants, shouldn’t we drink a wine that’s also wearing pajama pants?

Okay, fine. It’s just a plaid label. But still, this WFH (Wine For Home) is basically the pajama pants of wine. By which we mean, it’s cheap and good and deliciously comforting, with a bouquet of cherries and a palate overflowing with blueberries, plums, and dark fruits. (We don’t mean in the cosmic sense we referenced before, about turning time into a swirling mess and the like. Although, if you have a few too many glasses…)

Just like with the Casemates Cellars’ famous QPR, this is a good wine for such a great price that you’ll start to think it’s an excellent wine, and that you yourself are an exceptional wine shopper for finding it. And these days, those kinds of little victories feel like enormous wins. And enormous wins require celebration. With more wine.

Thus, the cycle never ends.

(Or, alternatively, if you’re in the market for a different kind of wine, be sure to check out our friends over at Casemates.)

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