When "Regret" stops having amusement value...

werehatrack thought this was worth mentioning said

At $5, the box could be full of stale popcorn and TrackRs, and everyone could laugh it off.

At $10, as long as something in the box is at least potentially useful to somebody, the “loser” boxes can mostly still get shrugged off. Mostly. But there will be much less enthusiasm in the discussions and reactions.

At any higher price, despite any warnings or disclaimers, there will be a justifiable expectation that the contents (even if not useful to the recipient) will represent a reasonable value for the price. As the price goes up, so does the expectation.

This round of IRKs ran badly afoul of that. Perhaps the Mehnagement believed that nobody would be so naive as to think these IRKs would be worth $50. If so, they were mistaken.

That encapsulates my opinion about the mess generated by the recent Mehrathon. Anybody else want to chime in?