The Quip happy ending thanks to Thumperchick!


So yesterday two packages arrive from Meh.The first contained my most recent purchase. But first scroll down to my “Quip may cause death” blog to be up to date. Further down after my story, you’ll see I got a response from “Thumperchick”, a Meh manager who was sorry they had no Quip brushes or spare parts in their warehouse. Remember I bought this from Quip, way before Meh had them in their daily deal. I never bought it from Meh.

So I open the second package and this is what I find: a tee shirt, shopping bag, a 1.5 ounce gold coin (probably real gold), a Meh toothbrush AND a brand new Quip electric toothbrush. Remember the people at Quip blew me off and Meh sends me this stuff for free. WHAT A GREAT COMPANY! I am now a proud member of the Schrodinger’s toothbrush club. A big thank you to Thumperchick.

PS: if you haven’t studied quantum mechanics, google Schrodinger’s cat.

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