The Merry Month of Meh-Mas Impeachment Edition


Well today is the day the House of Representatives did something. Like it or not they did something, and then the senate will have to do something and no matter what the outcome these representatives still make way more than we do. That’s fine, so with that in mind and because I would like to make more and because I would like weeks off at a time where I can do nothing along with having a staff paid for by someone else, I am declaring my candidacy for whatever is available in either the 2020 election or the 2022 election. Pretty much as I see it we need to redistribute the wealth slightly or we need to make things more equitable for all involved. So how do we do that and how do we make a better society? We stop over valuing entertainment type things and start valuing society based professions. Let’s pay EMT’s, teachers, firefighters, police, etc more. In other words let’s take care of those who take care of us.
For my 2020 run I am going to run with @ChadP as my Vice Meh-sident. We will make Meh Great again by bringing back the battery packs, offering more I.R.K.S., giving out the very first Meh-scholarship (we will cover two used books and 2 months of Ramen).
Chances are I will be impeached not because of Quid Pro Quo but because I’ll get bored and decide to do something.
Now the question becomes are there any Meh jobs that are open that can allow me to telecommute till the election.

/giphy two more years