The Merry Month of Meh-mas-Day 2 Cyber Monday Edition


So I originally wrote a post for today last night and stupid me I closed the browser window after giving myself a high five for completing a paper.

Yeah so while my micro history with a little book written in 1934 titled Hitler’s Wonderland and the Zeig Heil as it’s base is complete and I think pretty good my post is gone. I blame myself.

In any case it’s Cyber Monday. Woot is having a woot off and Meh is selling Legacy Boxes? Hmm isn’t Legacy box just an over priced Millennial that you send your old stuff to have digitized? Pretty much any Millennial can convert most media to a digital file perhaps not well (see @kidsandliz post about creating fake doctors notes for teachers)

/giphy stupid millennial

Anyway I digress. Today is day two of my Goathood and it this goes anything like Xi’s rule of China I should own Meh or at least be an entry level employee by mid week.

Back to cyber Monday. What is everyone buying? Anything? I just ordered some Copepods of and some fish on a delayed shipment from So the fish tank
Fish Tank

So it’s a 75 gallon bow front with a 55 gallon sump. My water is currently in two large Brute containers with some love rock cycling. What fish should I put in? The kids want a Nemo and a Dory and it is a Christmas gift for them. If only I could find a fish safe Meh Logo to put in the tank.

Anyway happy Monday the yard Christmas crap is already starting to go up.