Thanksgoating – Day seventeen. Other duties as assigned


I had a really long day yesterday so today I’ve got nothing planned. So, I’ll keep this short.

Today I am thankful for a career that throws me curve balls from time to time. And sometimes they’re kind of fun

I typically spend my day with switches and firewalls and virtual machines, bits and bytes and all the geekery. We needed to put in a redundant fiber connection for business continuity. The internet provider was able to get the fiber to the street, but we were responsible for getting the fiber to the building from there. We hired a crew for the task. They showed up with everything necessary including a Bobcat with a trenching tool. I spoke with the foreman and jokingly asked if I could drive the Bobcat. He said, ‘if you get my guys a pizza, you can drive whatever you want’. 15 minutes later there was a pizza and I got to drive the Bobcat

enter image description here

Some days are better than others