Ten Years a Goat (July 2024 scapegoat blame thread)


Well, that was fast. June is over. Stick a fork in it, cause we’re on to July and it looks like we managed to keep doing this for 10 years. 10!

Big thanks to @awk for taking responsibility for all the woes we suffered in June. I’ll call it a success. And now that we’re hitting double-digits in age, it’s time to send our blame another way, and who better to take that responsibility than @snapster? Apparently, @mycya4me, that’s who. Don’t ask me, you guys place your votes on the candidate you find most fitting, so here we are.

unexpected goat

Missed a great opportunity to test the bounds of the goat, but now, we may never know what would happen. Don’t let us down @mycya4me, or everyone will blame you…er…oh, yeah.