Spooky music videos


I don’t mean videos for spooky music, I mean music videos that are essentially mini horror movies.

Laura Branigan, Self Control

OK, maybe more of an erotic thriller with supernatural elements, but they got William Friedkin to direct.

Herbie Hancock, Rockit

Still so disturbing.

ZZ Top, TV Dinners

Some sweet claymation.

Childish Gambino did a whole series of mildly disturbing music videos:

Watch the bear and the background.

Telegraph Ave

This may be a continuation of another video where he is bitten by a sea creature while swimming. Everything happens in the second half.


I don’t even know what’s going on in the video, but it’s my favorite of his.

So, there must be more than a handful of videos from the early '80’s and one musician working this decade. What am I forgetting?