So long, pals.


I’ve been with these forums for nearly 5 and a half years, and the time has come for me to shuffle off this flask and mosey on out: Tomorrow will be my last day.

I have thoroughly enjoyed posting with you all, nearly killing myself with dry ice, traveling the Oregon Trail together, (not) solving an Old West mystery, deep frying a speaker dock, singing Christmas carols, sending out custom hats (both pink cowboy and “official”), and all the other fun and games we’ve had that I can’t even remember anymore.

Believe it or not, it can be fairly difficult to find a job when your resume says “mediocre” and your best examples of digital media are a photoshopped kid on a hoverboard toilet or a video of you zapping a dead fish with a taser. Thankfully I found a company that saw value in my wide range of, uh, “skills,” so I’m headed to a small home decor company to help spruce up their web presence and get them started with e-commerce. It is a really exciting opportunity for me and I couldn’t have done it without everything I’ve learned here.

As someone who discovered Woot in the computer lab in high school, working with Meh was a huge deal for me and I am sorry to have to leave. The community here has truly been the highlight of my time with the company, so thank you for that. I’ll be sure to pop back in from time to time to see what everybody is up to and what new adventures the creative team here has cooked up for everybody.

In lieu of flowers, please post your favorite memories from the last 5.5 years. Or questions if you have any, I guess.