September Goat T & Cs

JnKL thought this was worth mentioning said

Now that I am the Goat, I need to make a couple of things clear.

I won’t take responsibility for what is in your browser history (see that can light thing, or blue waffle)

Since I am not The GOD, I cannot take responsibility for acts of GOD (see Bahamas after Sunday)

I will make every effort to respond to all Blames and J’Accusations (see president of France) that are posted on the September blame thread

Upon advice of Bob’s my Uncle (family atty) I do not take responsibility for any crimes any of y’all may allegedly commit

Other than that, I think I am up for about everything else

subject to change without notice; not valid in all states, commonwealths, or parishes; taking blame ends at 1059pm Eastern September 23rd,’19; void where prohibited

Oh, and can somebody teach me how to select the background picture? I have slides of my last vacation I want to share.