Psst: Test Teas Tuesday!


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(Thanks @halfling for this logo!)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled forum perusing to bring you this: a tea tasting.

The announcement

We ordered tea instead of brewing tea. The downside is, I don’t know what brand/company this tea was from (We suspect Art of Tea), I don’t know how long it was brewed for, in what quantities, or at what temperature.

The upside is this:


The Strawberry Tea with Strawberry Jelly had little heart-shaped jellies!

The tea was pretty tasty too. With 3 testers, we’ve got:

Smell 10/10 yummy
Look 10/10 good black tea
Taste 10/10 so good

And now, for something a little different: A sneak peek at Thursday’s tea!


Crazy, right?

Let us know what you’re drinking this week, tell us your thoughts!