Pondering website traffic and OS proportions


This is a snapshot of website traffic for one of my sites for yesterday. Very low volume site compared to many, but a respectable number of visitors on a daily basis considering what we do there.

As you can see, the majority of visitors are using Windows OS browsers, with a distant second place being a few hundred iOS users, followed well behind by Android, et alia.

None of this comes with too much surprise really, considering the target demographic for that site. Except maybe that Chrome OS is so low and Blackberry is represented at all.

I am curious about the iOS:Android delta. US Market sales data tells me Android should be more closely matched to the iOS volume, but there’s a fair difference there. It could be I just don’t have enough traffic, and a somewhat skewed demographic, so my results do not represent any national average?

Any of you good folks who have access to this type of data for your own organizations and wouldn’t mind sharing… I would be interested in your experience. I’m curious how my traffic proportions compare, if you’d be kind enough to weigh in.

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