Ouija power!

Lynnerizer thought this was worth mentioning said

WOW! My ouija powers are really working these days! I almost made a public shout out to the Meh God’s asking for a Meh-rathon tonight!! I’m back in the hospital, YES, back in the hospital IS what I said. Apparently 18 days wasn’t enough! At least I got to go home for a week before blowing up like a Alabama tic again! The hospital is where I get the best internet service SO I have the best chance of scoring a IRK! (NO luck yet but I’m VERY hopeful!)
What came first, being GOAT or ALL of the MEH that’s come along with it? This month didn’t go as planned and I sure as heck hope THIS ISN’T setting the tone for the rest of my 56th year of life! Ugh, I just couldn’t imagine!
Has anyone else had the pleasure (cough cough) of blaming themselves for ALL KINDS of uncomfortableness and just MAJOR suckage during their rain as GOAT?