Office Wars

duodec posted some pics said

There has been a minor proliferation of implements of destruction and annoyance at our office lately. First a pair of small single shot nerf guns that shot whistling darts. Then a couple more. Then someone brought in a bag of kazoos for a teambuilding exercise that have diaspora’d out into the general environment. Then a box of whistling dart reloads to replace confiscated and ‘kept’ ones. So far no super soakers since we’re a computer support office. but I wouldn’t put it past some of my coworkers… And nobody is claiming responsibility for the initial introduction of these devices or the continued

I had looked at a USB or phone driven missile launcher atop my cube but they either suck or cost $40+. So I looked for nerf and found an Arms Race Special that absolutely plucks at the heartstrings but its nearly $100 and might be considered excessive escalation… and might hasten the appearance of waterguns that would get the whole thing shut down by management: Big Nerf Gun

So I’m looking for recommendations for a winning office wars purchase that pushes the limits but not too far, annoys the vile miscreants now lording their popguns over those of us too good natured to shoot back (until now), and isn’t too pricy. Got a mobile or USB missile launcher source I missed? Got the secret track on Meh having an office wars capable sale coming up? Source of cheap, discontinued nerf repeaters to shock and awe the popguns?

Assistance is needed!

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