My comments/suggestions for getting an IRK

Felton10 thought this was worth mentioning said

These may not work for everybody and you may have your own way of doing it so please share your system with everyone and/or what works for you or dispute what I say.

  1. They seem to do it pretty much the same time on each mehathon so that will help you schedule bathroom breaks (ie sometimes around 1 am rewarding those people who stayed around for an hour after midnight)
  2. My phone is a good 3 seconds behind my desktop computer which is has an ethernet cable for connection to the internet. So I always use my desktop.
  3. If you get a capcha and have to click on things to prove you are not a robot then you are most likely already too late given that seconds count.
  4. I pull up my computer clock and wait until it says .01 rather than 00 to compensate for the lag in connecting. After I got this IRK went back and saw I was the 13th person to click on it-well within the 105 they were selling.

Happy IRK hunting!!!