More money for you...


Okay, so probably since the year 2002, I’ve been using this online site called Mr. Rebates. You buy stuff through their site and they have a, companies that give you anywhere from 1% to 20% back in rebates.
I’d say I make any where from 150 to 250 bucks every year, just buying crap on line.

Here’s a link:

So the other day I was doing some Christmas shopping and as I was scrolling down in the section where you can shop at specific stores that give you money back when and what did I notice? There it was a link to save 2% on any sale when you buy something from, our old friends at

So because I knew I was going to make some money back whether it be a buck or two, I bought something on woot, haven’t bought anything on that site for possibly close to a year-and-a-half two years. So now here we go, how do we get meh to participate with Mr Rebates or Ebates.

Hey @snapster any chance you could look into this?