Merry Christmas

CharlieDoggo thought this was worth mentioning said

Oh boi oh boi, oh boi!!! I am so excited that it is Almost Christmas!!! I cannot wait any longer to wish all of my new frens a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I cannot wait to go downstairs tomorrow and see what Santa Paws left for me. I have tried so hard to be a good boi this year. It has been HARD, but I know I was good. Cept for that incident with the coffee filters last week. They were so much fun to pull apart and chew, also threw the pieces in the air and they fell all over moms TV room like snow. She DID NOT like that. Oh but, let’s not talk about that…let’s talk about how good I have been, yes!!! So good. PLEASE, PLEASE I JUST WANT PEANUT BUTTER TREATS!!!

Oh wait, I had a question…

OH YEAH, what did you ask Santa Paws for? And let me know if you got it. Pictures are good!

Also, if you get peanut butter treats and you DONT want them for some silly reason well your December Goat will be happy to dispose of them for you