Memorial Day Irk reveal

ironcheftoni went on a bit of a rant said

Why do we buy irks? I know this question has be posed many times. Because as much as we complain that they are so regretable that the donation organizations dread me driving up. Every once in a while, the meh gods throw you a bone. This day had started off so bad. My best friend is getting married on Saturday. North Texas storms have delayed the wedding party getting here all day as they are coming from California, Florida, Virginia, and Arkanas. Currently my niece’s flight from Little Rock is delayed 3 hours. But enough about that, the silver lining in all this doom and gloom. That cheerful little chirp on my phone alerting me that a package from fedex is on my doorstep.

Not, the normal sized irk box that I am used to. Taped over and over again. Has a label on the outside with the Braun logo on it and another handwritten label “Arlen”. Inside; Khaki and blue irk bag, inedible gingerchews, Color changing nail polish, Ladies size M black tshirt, (niece will be able to wear), package of fresh paper produce savers (I’ve been curious about those but not enough to actually buy them), and the big thing, a Braun Blender. I haven’t take it out of the box it see if it’s useable but still a great deal. Thanks Meh! Photos in the next comment.