Mediocritee Monday


It’s Monday, which has been well established as a champion of all things mediocre as weekdays go. That got me thinking, why not highlight one of the many mediocre features of the Meh world? So here we are.

I like to think it can just be Mediocritee Monday from now on. If I forget, I’m sure there are hundreds of you who would love to get to say “first” and knock it out with your own mediocre commentary.

This week we’re delighted to see a bit of Eduardo Ely’s adorable art with a mood I’m certain we’re all representing already, the not too fast but maybe a bit furious life of 2021. If you’re feline up to it, and not too lazy, pop over and check it out.

Also, new shirts every Mediocritee Monday so keep an eye out for this post each week and like I said, if I miss the mark, feel free to take control of something in your life and kick out your own notice.