Mediocre Mailbag (August)


I'm a bit late in posting some of these but we got some mail from you guys and want to share.

Up first: is @KDemo (Full album:

^ That chai exploded. Literally. Chai powder everywhere.

Thanks @KDemo!

Next: We actually have no idea who this is from (Full album: If this is you, let us know so we can give you credit! :)

Then: We also have no idea its from, but we think it's related to this post

@Moose was very excited. If you pull the car back it shoots forward. He says it is "bitchin'!"

Last but not least: @Noddy93, who tricked us by using this package:

The claw things in that package are for holding things (like wings) so your fingers don't get dirty when eating them.

And This NSFW sticker that @jont stuck on my cube.