Unofficial Mediocre Giveaway

sohmageek went on a bit of a rant said

No contest, no purchase necessary. Just going to throw names in a hat and pull... I just want to give back to the community. I have 1 prize currently, Depending on how many people enter I may throw another in. It's pretty mediocre, but then again would you have it any other way?

What do you have to do to enter?

Glad you asked Fill out an official entry form... and by fill out, I mean copy, adding your answers and send an e-mail to
*Note* I made the email account, it's not sponsored by Meh or Mediocre, just one Mehrian to another mehmber, or two... or something like that.

entry form:
Forum name:
What is your current Forum badge:
Orders from your statistics of what you purchased in the first year of Meh (if you no longer have your number please just check your orders or estimate, I can’t validate it anyway.):

No purchases necessary void where prohibited. Limit one per mehmber, no matter how many forum names/E-mail addresses you have, Feel free to have family enter if they also stop by Meh. I think I should put something about needing to be 18+ to enter, no I won't be shipping heady topper.

Entries will only be accepted via E-mail. I don't know where it would be void... so heh... have fun! I'll be pulling name(s) this Friday and Like @JonT I am slow at shipping things out, so it may be an electronic delivery...