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The thing I miss most from Deals.woot is being able to ask questions and getting a lot of opinions and information. I asked questions of everything from fried egg sandwiches to lift jacks to monitors. I wasn’t sure if I could do that in these forums but then jqubed asked for opinions about undershirts and he got a lot of answers so here goes my first one.
We need a new mattress. The last ones were bought from the Original Mattress Factory that I’ve been happy with, although the one for the spare bedroom is a pillow top and I’m not sure I like it. Anyway, I think we’re going to switch from a king to two twin XLs if I can figure out how to get them apart far enough to make them. In the store we found one that we both liked and then, as an afterthought, laid down on a 10” memory foam. Whoa! That felt really good. Two problems. To get two twins would be over $2,000. Kind of pricey. Second, I have friends that have a 5” memory foam from Overstock for $500. In separate conversations they each said, “I like it but it’s a little warm, but then I’m warm.” Warm is the last thing I need. Are the more expensive ones less warm? Or is it a crapshoot?