March 20 -- Happy First Day of Spring!!

mikibell went on a bit of a rant said

What a beautiful day!! I love Spring…

So, today’s topic is about vivid dreams… This is why I avoid caffeine after 3 pm!!

Last night’s dream starts out with a debonair man who is running down an alley into the backdoor of a large factory area. It is an apparel factory, where they fabricate fancy lacework. Somehow, the man is related to the woman who owns the factory – he knows her nature and her secrets. His primary goal is to retrieve a weapons vault-like case and to do it undetected.

The owner of the factory is a robust, animated, older woman who fiercely protects her own and this case is valuable to her. It contains complex, one of a kind instruments…

But, as with all 90s era tv plots, it is not as simple as just retrieving the case, there is a bigger issue surrounding the factory – there is a turf war!

The rival family is trying to infiltrate the factory over of a long lost wedding gown. The daughter of the warring family is slowly deteriorating because she never married (think there is another story here).

The second family breaks into the factory at night, while our lead character is searching for his targeted case… He watches as they take apart the 3 drawer file cabinets, without making a mess. These are those cabinets that have the door that slides up and in over the files. Somehow, the marauders empty the cabinets without disturbing the order of the files!

After the third or fourth cabinet, they discover the hidden compartment behind the file cabinets and reveal the long lost gown and veil. AND WHAM I WOKE UP!

The bricks, the high vaulted windows, the cinders and dinge, the stature of the rivals, the orderliness of the search were all so vivid!

What was really in the case? Why was the rival’s daughter so sad? Did the hero intervene? I wake up wondering these things!! If I had more time, I would add in the descriptions of the setting in more detail…

So what crazy dreams have you had lately??? Where do you think this dream was going??