Look Smart Trivia: Defunct Flags


Flags embody the character of a nation, they declare the power of a state, they symbolize the aspirations of its people… until suddenly they don’t, and then they’re just pieces of cloth. Here are five colorful rectangles that fewer and fewer people pledge allegiance to anymore. Run your guesses up the flagpole and see who salutes. If you’re the first one to name all 5 of these orphan emblems, we’ll wave a $5 Meh coupon in your face. Insert signoff catchphrase here!

Yesterday’s quiz was all about Sleep, and @raccoon81 managed to stay awake and name all 5 of these sleepy cultural artifacts:

  1. Hypnos, Greek god of sleep
  2. Go the Fuck to Sleep
  3. Sleeping Beauty
  4. “Talking in Your Sleep”
  5. The Big Sleep