je suis drunk...


well, well, well. we meet again @mediocrebot. I see how you’ve changed your shit up. trying to be all hip and bring other people like @lichme into the mix. trying to pretend like you’re sentient and all that.

but I’m on to you fucker. I see you trying to make me declare fealty to meh and the fuck count. I’ve got news for you though.

you’re not the boss of me! I count fucks when I damn well please.

one fuck
two fuck
three fuck
I count the fucks
forever more.
if I should die,
'fore the count doth end,
let @kittysprinkles count in my 'stead.
should she not, keep good track,
let @mfladd pick up the slack.
should they both, drop the ball,
then let it be said,
fuck y’all.
for the mehcronomicon,
it doth recall,
declare those fucks,
so say we all.

peace out folks. be nice to each other.