It's Another ACraigL Shirt Giveaway! [unofficial]


Giveaway time!
Now that we’re past the holidays (and an extremely long Mehrathon), it seemed like a good opportunity. Usual rules apply but here’s a refresher (at least what I can recall from memory):

  • I’ve got two new fun entries for the Tattoo derby, I’d love to get a vote on them if you have a sec. HERE and HERE
  • Conversation/replies are encouraged but only top-level comments will be considered as entries.
  • I’ll need your address if you’re selected as a winner. Even though I ALREADY KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE. You’ll whisper it to me, which makes that last sentence sound even creepier. Perfect.
  • Any woot shirt is fair game, but something from my catalog is always appreciated.
  • I’ll select at least 2 winners this round.
  • Winners will be announced one week from today, 2/13/24

I think that’s it! Good luck. Oh, wait, a topic. Since it’s a tattoo derby, let us know if you have one (or more) and any significance it has for you. Extra ACraigL points for a photo. If you don’t have a tattoo, would you consider getting one?

Or just let me know what you think of my tattoo designs .