IRK 1.02: Prepay the day before for an unknown item at 75% off!


Let’s say, in addition to IRKs, Meh brings in a new promotion to make things even more complicatedly, super fantastically, fun! Being that this is the internet, I know what I’m proposing has most assuredly been tried, but nobody can do it, like Mixmaster Meh can do it.

Here we go! I’m lucky enough to check Meh on a particular time on a Tuesday for example, and I’m offered the opportunity to sign up to buy and pay for the next days item at 75% off the next day’s Meh price. Limited to 100, 500, 1000 customers, whatever, I’ll let the bean counters at Meh sort that out.

While no longer a VMP(and I do suggest they allow a few VMPs first access), curiosity kills me on a daily basis and I would definitely buy into this.

I’m only paying 25% of what the other suckers are paying full price for on Meh the next day. I could literally get a “Bluetooth, power bank, Covid Mask In One” at 75% off the next day’s Meh sucker price. I win!!!

Blah, blah, with the details. Like maybe you only have to commit $50 or so at most for the 75% off deal, but I’m still buying. (Pro Tip: The first item offered under this new deal system should be “A Juicer”).

What do you guys think: Yes? No? Or all in for a mere 25%?