Inflatable of the Day 4/19


Yesterday I featured an inflatable that resembled Spyro the Dragon. Today I feature the actual Spyro! This is the RINCO Spyro toy, officially licensed, produced around 2002 and meant to be offered as a fair or carnival prize or souvenir. They were made available in two sizes, approximately 17 inches and 30 inches from tail tip to nostrils. These have since become rare and valuable collector’s items, so I’m glad I snagged them when they were easily found! Each Spyro has a squeaker; in the large one, it’s in a hind leg, and the small one has it in his head. They also have hanging loops on top, so they can be displayed hanging from a ceiling. Given their relatively small size compared to other featured toys, these guys are a single air chamber, with the air valve on one side of the tail.

Drink can for size

Branding stamp