i want to go there. Bali, that is...


as some of you may know, i got married this past April, and i am still currently married. to celebrate this 5 months of marriage, we have decided to go to Bali in Feb of 2024 for about 9-10 days. well… that and we decided to take a late honeymoon.

hotel wise, we are thinking the Nusa Dua area. i know, it’s more touristy, but we’ve planned to take a few day trips/excursions (snorkeling, jungle tour, temple tour, etc). we’ve found a couple good deals on luxury escapes (mmm… private plunge pool for… umm… “plunging”), but we’re open to ideas.

so, world travelers of meh, what do you have for me? i know Feb is still considered rainy season, but most of what i’ve read is that showers are brief (but sometimes torrential).