I DIDN'T miss the clicky face!

Lynnerizer went on a bit of a rant said

I got cheated!! I know i’m not the only one who’s got a little thing going with the meh button clicks. Many of us come back day after day and click away! Well last week, out of the blue, my calendar of clicks disappeared! I was filled with ALL kinds of uncomfortable, icky feeling. Anger, sadness, guilt and discust. (Okay, I might have exaggerated just a bit with the feelings but I WAS bummed!) I couldn’t believe that I missed or forgot to click since I was “YET AGAIN” on the way to beating my pretty lame 119 day record. Yup, I had just noticed a few days prior that I was at my 89th day. Again! I even thought about quitting the whole thing, throwing in the towel on the insanity! After all, it’s not like there’s some sort of prize or a “Golden IRK” when we reach a certain number. Is there? Just had the thought that maybe it’s just another thing I haven’t yet learned, hmm… !
Anyways, I didn’t give up, I brushed my bruised self off and continued to come back EVERYDAY and click away until I got my clicky face calendar back. (Yeah I know, big deal, a whole 7 days! ) Which brings me to this very moment when I discovered that I DIDN’T MISS MY CLICK! That’s right, the mistake wasn’t mine. Friday, February 12th, the day after the Mehrathon is the day my clicky face calendar shows that I missed my click. Well I spicificly remembered going on that day, mainly because I was so disappointed to see something being offered that was just on the day before! Ugh! Just to be sure, I clicked on the blank clicky face and it brought me directly to the page and even showed that I had already clicked it!
I DO feel a little better knowing/thinking that the bot made the mistake instead of me. I guess life isn’t THAT bad IF THIS is the ONLY thing I have to complain about!