Hurricane Zeta just blew thru...

chienfou thought this was worth mentioning said

Hope everyone did OK with our latest big blow. Here in Central AL we lost power somewhere around 4am and it just came back on in this part of town 20 minutes ago.
Lots of leaves in the pool, deck chairs blown around and some plants blown off the the deck or laid over on their sides (both olive trees are at about 20 degree angles and the jalapenos blew over-- but I was going to pick them and smoke them into chipotles soonanyway). Banana plant leaves are totally shredded in the top of the plant bunches. Thankfully, no major issues and the stuff in the freezer and fridge all survived the 10 hours or so of lack of power. Ice cream got pretty soft, but should be OK to refreeze.
How is it in your neck of the woods?