Help me pick a gift


My husband has been a stay-at-home dad for almost 9 years. Although for the past two years he’s been going back to school (he has a bachelor’s but is working on getting a new associate’s degree and certification in agri-business).

He’s been kicking butt in his studies - high GPA, recommendations all over, so many scholarships (he was even awarded a Mike Rowe scholarship), and he’s being recognized for at least 5 different awards at graduation. He’s also doing a speech at graduation because he’s the student ambassador for his school.

In other words - I’m damn proud of him. I want to get him something for graduation but I’m coming up empty of anything that I think might work.

As the breadwinner, I tend to focus on “functional” gifts because extravagance just hasn’t been something I could do in the past. I was thinking of getting him an engraved or nice wood valet. I also considered a humidor but I don’t particularly want to encourage that habit. He does have a man-cave. I usually stay away from buying anything specifically related to his hobbies because I wouldn’t know what he has and what he needs related to them (he collects some nostalgia-related items).

We have been discussing getting chickens… our village allows up to 6 in town. We would be starting out from scratch. I’ve also asked him about composting. We don’t have much room here as we are “actively” looking for acreage to move to (I say it that way as we are open to opportunities but aren’t looking daily for a new place).

Ummm… thanks for reading this whole story and any suggestions.