Google Assistant Halloween

RiotDemon thought this was worth mentioning said

“Hey Google, let’s get spooky.”

“Okay Google, play Halloween music.”

“Hey Google, who you gonna call?”

“Okay Google, play thunderstorm sounds.”

“Hey Google, happy Halloween!”

“Okay Google, what is your favorite candy?”

“Hey Google, what is the most popular scary movie?“

“Hey Google, how do you carve a pumpkin?”

“Hey Google, who would win between a werewolf and a vampire?”

“Okay Google, Freddy versus Jason. Who wins?”

“Okay Google, why do the leaves change colors?”

“Hey Google, what are you going to be for Halloween?”

“Okay Google, what should I be for Halloween?“

“Hey Google, where is the nearest pumpkin patch?”

“Okay Google, let’s make a pumpkin pie.“

“Hey Google, Boo!”

“Hey Google, Trick or Treat!”