Goat With Your Heart (August 2022 Scapegoat Blame Thread)


I’m sure we’re all just pleased as punch that we survived another July, but that just means we’re heading further into the heat and have to figure out how to make it through August. Speaking of surviving July, @hammi99 handled it like a champ and has now officially retired the horns, which means the ever-shifting blame must fall on another victim of your choosing.

Well, sorta.

The votes went most ignored, and we saw only one eligible nomination called out by name (not that there wasn’t another spirited honorable mention). Feels like you’d rather blame the weather or government than put it all on one another, and I don’t blame any of you for those feelings. But I did mention that there was an eligible name in the hat and so @hchavers will be wearing the crown of horns for now.


Feel free to let me know when you really are done blaming each other and we can throw @mediocrebot under the bus for good. No hard feelings there. But until that day comes, you know who to blame for August. Sorry @hchavers, consider it what you deserve for sticking around this place for 8 years.