Fantasy MuskBall: The Conclusion


The spreadsheet is updated after a few weeks of tenterhooks-hanging (i.e. me failing to update the spreadsheet) and the results are clear:

@Willijs3 has won Fantasy MuskBall with 9/12 correct guesses and 621 points.

Amazingly, @Willijs3 guessed incorrectly for the final three weeks of questions and still won by a handy margin. Coming in 2nd is @Anvil326 with 498 points, followed by @Fuzzalini, @aakhus4, and @amysamida tied for 3rd.

What is the mystery prize for this extremely stupid, 12-week waste of everyone’s time? A St. Elon prayer candle for @Willijs3 to burn before all future MuskBall predictions.

Thank you all who played, all who abstained, and all who complained about the lack of updates. May the light of St. Elon shine on you all.