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carl669 thought this was worth mentioning said

i’m fairly buzzes and i’ve had a shit day. it all started 2 years ago when i volunteered to help with the on call rotation at my company. fast forward to today. i’ve been up since 5am (it’s now 945pm) and the same client has literally been calling every 30-45 minutes. i try to mnake coffee and, BAM!, client call. i try to go to target, BAM!, client call before i get out of the garage. i try to eat queso dip, BAM!, client call before i can even dip my chip.


on the plus side, i have “something went terribly wrong” as my ringtone for work calls. very apropos i must say.

if it wasn’t for the martinis, i would have thrown my phone out the window and it would have frozen to death. oh, did i mention it;s -20 outside? for the love of fucking Samir! bollocks man, fucking bollocks.

ok. rant over. thank you for reading. hi,. how’s your day? welcome to costco, i love you.

shit… i think i got more sdrunk while writing this. damdn you martin is!