Do these exist anymore?


years ago, when my nephew was…10…11…ish… not really ready for a phone yet, but “all the other kids” etc…
I got him a (refurbed) Samsung galaxy Player for Christmas.
(think Ipod Touch, Did 90% of what the Iphone did, just no cellular radio)

like these…

i got his from woot too, before the Amazon acquizition…
now, his little sister is the same age… is there a modern equivalent?
something small, portable, she could watch videos, listen to music, maybe msg her friends… (she currently gets her mom’s phone a few hours a week to txt with her friends… Nephew had the same arrangement at that age)

I prefer Android over apple, she already has her own personal Chromebook, and their school is a google school. they use School issued Chromebooks for their school work, all the Gsuite office-y apps, etc.