Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 8


Poor pathetic little WiFi Cameras. I had high hopes for you, I really did. Figured you’d at least make it interesting. This was like watching the Bad News Bears before Kelly Leak joined the team. The T-Shirt Yankees just beat the living snot out of you. I mean, you didn’t even give it a shot like Ogilvie. You were the Rudi Stein of cameras for God’s sake! Had we been playing with a mercy rule you could have cracked open a cold one with Buttermaker long before that final score of 35 to 6. Those shirts though… looks like they’re going to make a run of it. Might we see them in the finals?

Figure we’ll have some pretty basic items for this special day. While the fine folks at a mediocre corporation are celebrating the birth of their first born (and still favorite) child, I won’t waste your time with important things like quality products to vote on while you’re trying to get your greedy little fingers on an IRK. We’re taking this one to the bedroom where a couple of cousins are competing for your love. Do you prefer that lovely assortment of sheet sets or the myriad cushions upon which to rest your weary head after a day of celebrating meh? Just to note here, I am not including the meh face pillows as part of this grouping. They’re kind of their own thing, chilling out downstairs on the couch. What’s it going to be: Under your head or over your ass?

P.S. Happy Birthday meh!