Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 5

cinoclav thought this was worth mentioning said

Two items posted. One hot item which garnered endless whining and complaints while the other sharp one seemed to have generally satisfied mehtizens. Winner of the favorite least favorite item? Plasma Lighters were on fire most of the day and take it with the 23 to 16 final tally. I may actually consider this a small upset victory. It’s now midnight EST and the official voting is closed (as my eyes shall be shortly) so let’s move on to day 5!

In this corner, wearing a lovely set of AA’s (to the dismay of you 18650 battery fans) we have an all time favorite - Flashlights! But don’t think they’ll just be beaming in 24 hours without a worthy contender putting up a fight. In the opposite corner, wearing a lovely leather strap (or metal - depending on whether it’s kink night), flaunting their brains over brawn, we have - Smart Watches! Both have made their mark in meh history but only one can live to fight another day. Ready… set… vote!