Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 12


After five years worth of comments supporting both brands, we finally know which one is the favorite. You really can’t go wrong with either Contigo or Bubba. Both quality brands from companies that stand behind their products. Strangely enough, Contigo offers a wider variety of products so one would think that would make it attractive to more mehtizens. But we’re simple folk here and simple folk just prefer things named Bubba. Contigo went down 27 to 15 but don’t feel bad if you voted for them, they’re still one of the best out there.

I don’t even know what to say about today’s items. They both have such an enigma about them. No item in the history of meh had an endless string of requests for it more than PopSockets. Granted, those requests came from the same two people. And no other item in the last five years skyrocketed to fame and fell back to Earth as quickly as Fidget Spinners. In typical meh fashion they were cheap and plentiful, albeit a good year after they were popular. Thousands, maybe billions of children had them thrust upon them by people normally too cheap to buy full sized candy bars at Halloween. Yeah yeah, I know some of you did both. Don’t brag. I’ll propose there are three type of people. Those that feel very strongly about one of these, those that are completely torn over which to vote for because they have an eccentric fascination with both products, and those that really don’t give a shit about either. But that last group probably won’t vote anyway so it’s up to the rest of you to move one into the next round. Happy voting and happy Friday!