Cinoclav's Field of 32 Day 10


High hopes - that’s what Pearl Jewelry had. I would have put every dollar I had on Comforters (and I’d be twice as wealthy now) but for a while I was in a stupor, watching with absolute shock as those little cultured spheres jumped out to an early lead. But it’s a marathon not a sprint and they just didn’t have what it took to go the distance. Halfway through the race they simply came unraveled while the Comforters got all warm and cozy, settling in for a 22 to 15 win.

Now that the birthday excitement has begun to die down, let’s get back to some quality competition between a couple of light heavyweights. Rolling into position we have Hoverboards. The hottest thing on the market (and in many living rooms, kitchens, etc.) a few years ago, they’re the perfect niche item for a place like meh. An item that everyone wanted but refused to spend the high dollars on. A few years later and here they are, dirt cheap and supposedly a bit more flame retardant. Needless to say, they’ve been quite popular. But are they as popular as socks? Wait, what? Socks? They’re just socks, right? Oh no, these are more than socks. They’re Funky Socks! Not a smelly kind of funk but a super cool fun kind of funk. Like that fusion jazz band you won’t admit you actually enjoy. We all have our little secrets. Like the knowledge that you have tacos or lizards on your feet and no one around you has any idea you have this strange little fetish for extra spiffy foot covers. Funky Socks have developed quite a following but are they a shoo-in to come out on top of the Hoverboards? You tell me.