Broken meh button streak support group. Bestworst stories.

tweezak thought this was worth mentioning said

Hi. I’m Tweezak and I just missed a day of meh after 154 days. My longest streak clean is 209 days.
Ok I’m a rookie at meh but I just failed after 154 days of meh button clicks. I was looking out the window noticing how dark it was getting. Checked my analog watch and sure enough it was almost 9 (pacific). I decide to check the new offering on meh.
It’s some of those stupid lamps so I click the meh button. It doesn’t show a face but just goes back to being a meh button.
You know exactly what’s happening here. I loaded the page seconds before 9 and I was clicking “yesterday’s” button because I hadn’t refreshed to see the stupid vacuums.
The other odd thing that is probably just me is that my streaks always seem to end on a Sunday. Clearly that means I’m forgetting to check meh before bed after 9 on Saturday.
Maybe I should put an alarm on my phone.

What’s your meh button story fellow meh addict.