Best things ever you have gotten in an irk?

Kidsandliz went on a bit of a rant said

Although in irks (and fuko’s and foku’s) I have gotten a lot of junk, broken things, a couple of times boxes that were open and empty or nearly empty, items that were used and gross, and odds and ends that I have no clue what they were or go to, I have gotten a couple of things that I really like that I never could have spent the money on myself to buy when they were offered.

Although it came to me in zip lock bag (so a return?) and missing a strap part (but I have jury rigged a solution), I got one of those rectangular Libertone speakers. It’s pretty picky about pairing and sometimes won’t (I have to factory reset it a lot), but when it does work, like it is right now as I write this, it is the best speaker I have! Thank you meh so much!

Aside from that I have gotten some toys the littles have loved and a couple of other treasures that I gave as presents to family and my best friend! And those have saved me birthday and christmas present money. Thanks for that too meh! And the irk bags are nice.