AppleJacked: A directory of cheaper app subscriptions


When you subscribe to an iPhone app in that app, Apple takes 30% of what you’re paying and the developer only gets 70% of it. But, if you subscribe from the developer’s site, Apple gets nothing. Some smart developers use part of that savings and make it cheaper for you on their site.

Of course, Apple doesn’t allow the developer to link to that in their app, or even tell you about it. Until this last week, as Daring Fireball discussed, developers can now feel free to link from their app to their own purchase page, as long as they then still pay Apple 27%. Needless to say, this didn’t make developers happy.

Shira Ovide, in the Washington Post, summarized the situation nicely: The money-saving deals Apple and Google are hiding from you:

When I’m buying something digital like an online fitness class or payments to a YouTube star, I take a moment to research whether I could pay less on the web than in the app. I also consider if I’d feel happier if the fitness company didn’t owe a commission from my purchase to Apple or Google.

But it can be daunting to try to find the official site, find the right subscription, and compare prices. What if we could help out by spreading the word and, say, ‘AppleJack’ those subscription fees from Apple?

Let’s use this thread to find any apps out there that offer subscriptions via their site that are cheaper than getting those subscriptions in the app. Hopefully people start coming here to see if they can take that money from Apple, and ideally more developers start offering savings on their subscriptions knowing people will find it.

Here’s where you can save on iPhone app subscriptions:


Proton Mail


X / Twitter


  • $42/year in the app
  • $32/year through their site (save $10/year)
  • $114.99/year in the app
  • $84/year through their site (save $30.99/year)
  • $229.99/year in the app
  • $168/year through their site (save $61.99/year)



  • $18.99/month in the app
  • $13.99/month through their site (save $5.00/month)
  • $139.99/year only through their site (save $87.89/year)

Can you help us find more to add to this list? Any iOS app (iPhone or iPad) that has in-app subscriptions and an identical, but cheaper subscription on their site qualifies.