Anyone else had subscription issues?

crashessuck went on a bit of a rant said

I’m hoping this is just me being an idiot and accidentally doing something wrong, but I went to buy the stuff today and it had shipping cost options with an option to subscribe and I don’t know why. Thing is, I’ve been subscribed for years. Hell, I had a purchase a few days ago (22nd Dec) that had no complications.

So yeah, I could resubscribe and it’s only an extra $.99 a month, but it’s the principle at this point I think? Credit card is still the same, billing address (on that card because I bought a house and some others changed) is the same, so there should be no payment issues. And the email account connected has nothing about the membership cancelling or changing. I legitimately just want to know “wtf” because I hate surprises. If I accidentally clicked a thing because I was setting up quickly during my move then fine, that sucks and I didn’t mean to but whatever at least I’d know. But I don’t have an email or anything saying that’s what happened, so I highly doubt it is (the cancellation part, obv not the details).

So… in short, wtf mate? That’s kinda dirty!