2021 Unofficial Holiday Mehrican Exchange reveal thread!


It’s a holiday Mehricle!

After Thanos snapped his fingers and caused a glitch in the exchange, somehow @Lichme and I connected and decided to do a SideDeal™ outside of the Elfster exchange. I guess Lichme is now my side piece. That’s awkward.

A super nice guy who I only had a short time to stalk, really crushed the Mehchange. Mexchange? Mehexchange? Chubracabrexchange? Whatevs.

His package arrived today and it is awesome and full of a LOT of custom stuff. I’m not sure how he pulled it off so quickly because I just got his box in the mail today. I underachieved in true Meh fashion. In this fantastic box of wonderment I received:

• A ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron adorned with some super handsome guy on the front.
• A custom one of a kind Meh mouse pad. It is going in a safe and I may accept gold bullion as trade. Unless that offends Lichme in which case I will sleep with it under my pillow.
• A $25 of $75 gift card to Victoria’s Secret… so I guess I’ll be getting my self something pretty.
• A loathful amount of Trackers. Thank you very hard for those.
• A Meh face (I’m guessing is a stress reliever thing)
• An amazing custom Seahawks tumbler with my name on it. Which is good incase there are other East coast Seahawk fans who try to take it from me.
• A bag of kettle corn which lasted about 60 seconds after the photoshoot. I’m supposed to be reducing my sugar intake, but no one else was home so I’ll just pay for that later :
• A perfect glass placard for my softball playing daughter. Her name is Caitlin, but when she steps in the dirt, she is Road Runner. This fall she had 12 innings pitched over 6 games with 26 strike outs. Not one opponent put a ball in play. She strikes them out, hits them or walks them. No one hits the Road Runner. She is going to LOVELOVELOVE that! Thank you
• More Trackers. Thanks, you jerk.
• And extension cord that I can use to plug in the also included Expanding Sponge. Most of my sponges are just decompressing sponges so this will be a nice addition to the collection.
• A fancy roll of custom TP that I found out you can actually print on. I mean… umm… not in that way.
• Another custom item… a keychain celebrating the Norwalkians of the Iowa place. It also has a tassel on it that I’m sure could double as a lure to catch walleyes in Lake Ontario.
• A really comfy looking pair of slippers/flipflops/slides? that my wife will likely grab because shoes.
• We do ‘elf on a shelf’ around here and now I’ve got a custom one. I can’t wait to tell my wife that we can now Lichme all around the house. I may be single by the weekend
• And finally, a nice note reminding about all the Trackers in the box. Jerk.

@Lichme you rocked this box! Thanks so much!
enter image description here