Truebuds Bluetooth Earbuds

  • Connect to your phone via Bluetooth, no telltale wire for pickpockets to follow
  • Truebuds recharge in the included “charging pod” case, which juices them up while you store them
  • Blah, blah, makes a great gift, blah blah, friends and loved ones, you get it
  • Hey Bud-head, where’s Beavis, heh heh heh
  • Model: 813085025246 (on the long side, but carries itself with a no-nonsense attitude we respect)
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Get An Earful

Can we talk about Apple’s AirPods?

They’re the embodiment of the gadgetocracy’s unrelenting drive to ask can we? never pausing to wonder should we? They are, technically, amazing. There’s basically a whole computer in them, just to make them sync and pair. And sure, headphone/earbud cords can be minorly aggravating sometimes, we guess. But there’s a difference between technically amazing and practically amazing.

If a traditional wired earbud gets jostled out of your ear, it’s not going to bounce down a sewer grate. And even if it did, you wouldn’t care that much, because a pair of traditional wired earbuds is like the cost of a pretty nice sandwich.

So here comes Apple with their AirPods, roughly shoving us into their infuriating vision of the future. Guess what? Your earphones can run out of batteries now! So that’s something to look forward to.

And along with all of that fun? AirPods have the nerve to cost a whalloping hundred and sixty god damned dollars. A worse headphone experience… at a MUCH worse price!

Well, these Truebuds we’re selling today solve the price problem, at least. And maybe that’s enough to diminish the others, too. If you’ve been wondering about wireless earbuds, you decide to try out $160 AirPods, and you hate them, it’s kind of a disaster. Try out $29 Truebuds, hate them, and feel bummed for the rest of the day. Then put your wired earbuds back in and relax.

But let’s be clear: These are not for people who’ve been thinking seriously about getting AirPods. For one thing, such people clearly don’t give a shit about a price tag, so the whole advantage of a cheaper Truebuds alternative would be totally lost on them. But also — let’s be real — Apple tech outclasses these. Their AirPods are actually better. They pair easier (assuming you’re on the whole iPhone train), they do that tap to get Siri (assuming you tap right), they play a little sound to help you find them under couch cushions. So, yes, if you’re debating between these and AirPods, you should definitely get AirPods.

For the rest of us, either unsure about wireless earbuds, or unsure about $160 any-kind-of-earbuds, go with these cheap ones. Like, no matter how tasty it is, we’re never going to order that thousand-dollar omelette.

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