Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush With App

  • A great sonic toothbrush from the people known for making great sonic toothbrushes
  • Would make a great holiday gift (because, seriously, who wants to buy themselves a fancy toothbrush?)
  • Available in black, white, or rose gold
  • Cool cup charger thing
  • There might be an app? But you don’t have to use it
  • Actually, now that we’re thinking about it, make sure you DON’T use the app because it’s stupid and Philips should know that
  • Need extra brush heads? We’ve got a deal on those over on SideDeal
  • Favorite prog rock band: (b)Rush
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Save Money Later

Dental surgery is miserable.

But perhaps the worst moment of every operation comes well before the drill starts buzzing, or the seemingly ten-inch-long syringe of novocaine touches that tender area of your gums. It’s when, after your pre-op consultation, you go out to actually schedule the real-deal appointment, and the person behind the desk shows you a piece of paper with the total cost that they’ll submit to your insurance, if you’re lucky enough to have it.

And you stand there, staring at the page, trying to remember if the doctor said anything about throwing a used Hyundai into the deal. Because, otherwise, how the hell can THAT number correspond to whatever minuscule thing they’re about to fix?

Anyway, we want you to keep those figures in mind when you look at the price for this toothbrush.

And, just to be clear, that price? It’s really good! Like, a whopping $130 cheaper than you can get one at Kohl’s.

Still, it’s a lot of money. But it’s also a lot less money than, say, getting a tooth extracted and replaced.

Now, can you be sure that you’ll never lose a tooth if you have a good sonic toothbrush? Of course not. The teeth are a part of the human body, and the human body is weird. Some people eat only green smoothies and get cavities all the time; others snack on candy between every meal and never suffer for it.

We do, however, feel confident saying that using a good sonic toothbrush like this–with its powerful motor, its various modes, and its timer that buzzes to ensure each quadrant of your mouth gets a good, even cleaning–is better than giving your teeth a quick 20-second scrub with the freebie your dentist gave you after your last cleaning.

Plus, there’s the whole investment aspect. Like, when you drop 90 bucks on a toothbrush, you’re probably going to take other aspects of your dental health more seriously too. I know I have since getting one of these. I brush better, floss more, and even recently went in for a long overdue gum graft (which, let me tell you, is exactly what you think it is and is exactly as not fun as you likely imagine it to be).

So get one of these Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrushes today and start taking your teeth seriously! Or else don’t, and spend your vacation savings on a single pitiful dental procedure down the line.

Also, if you need replacement heads, SideDeal has you covered.

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