Instant Regret Kit

  • You know how in the movies when someone narrows their eyes and says, “You’re going to regret that!”
  • That’s what we say when you buy an Instant Regret Kit (I.R.K.). But we’re not being threatening. We’re just being honest.
  • Model: C4PT41N-1RK.
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Oh, the Mehmories: a Birthday Meh-rathon!

For our birthday this year, we’re putting on a Meh-rathon to honor the people that make this site so great. That’s right: we’re talking about US! So please, enjoy this epic celebration–or… sell-ebration?–by shopping, laughing, buying, sharing your thoughts, sharing your money, and buying!

Hey, here’s something fun to think about: What does the Meh button mean to you?

Please, be as annoyingly philosophical as possible. Bonus points for uses of the words/phrases:

  • Vis-a-vis
  • Synergy
  • Henceforth
  • Karmic
  • Organic
  • Moves the needle
  • Whither
  • ROI
  • Gargantuan

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And you bought...

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